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Individual programs


Recognizing that each career path is unique, a personalized approach is key to success. Our coaching process combines in-depth analysis of skills, professional aspirations, and understanding of core values to define a tailored action plan aligned with your goals. The approach is holistic, focusing on understanding the client’s context and identity. The emphasis is on change, evolution, and empowering the client towards autonomy.

Services Offered to Individuals


Professional Skills Development Coaching

Our coaching program focuses on developing key skills to enhance professional growth and success. The process includes:

  • Understanding the Individual’s Professional Profile and Context:
  • Identifying Personal Values and Professional Aspirations:
  • Identifying Skills to Develop:
  • Creating a Professional Development Plan:

Career Coaching

  • Establishment of development goals and professional objectives
  • Skills assessment
  • Definition of steps to achieve short and long-term goals

Career Transition Support

  • Evaluation of needs Skills assessment
  • Definition of a career transition plan
  • Job search strategies and techniques
  • Identification of resources and networks to leverage for support.
  • Coaching and interview preparation with simulations
  • Personalized support throughout the process

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30-minute exploratory meeting