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Corporate programs


Our emphasis is on understanding professional aspirations within the organizational context. We consider the client within their work environment, aiming to explore dynamics between them and their surroundings, including their team and stakeholders, to identify professional development challenges and opportunities. We provide targeted support focused on results to enhance skills development, career planning, and management for leaders and high-potential individuals within the organization.

Services Offered to Businesses


Coaching – Skills Development

  • Defining needs and development objectives
  • Tripartite meeting with the immediate supervisor and the client
  • Establishing an action plan
  • Accompaniment focused on achieving measurable results.

Career Coaching

  • Career coaching (skills assessment, reflection on professional aspirations)
    • Development of a development plan
    • Implementation of concrete actions to support progression
    • Positioning within the company

Organizational Diagnostic

Talent Acquisition Function

  • Review of tools, processes, and recruitment approach
  • Coaching for talent acquisition leaders
  • Training and coaching for recruiters.
  • Report of recommendations

Career Transition Services

  • Employer support for strategic departure planning (leaders, managers, executives) within the organization
  • Establishment of a customized support plan and action plan with the employer
  • Definition of a career transition plan (goals, timeline)
  • Skills assessment
  • Job search strategies and techniques
  • Identification of resources and networks to support the process
  • Coaching and interview preparation – simulations
  • Personalized support throughout the process

Integration Coaching

The first 100 days represent a critical period for all managers entering a new role. Professional coaching support from the early days helps align initial actions with the position’s priority objectives, ensures optimal positioning, and provides guidance for stepping back when needed. Our approach is systemic, considering the coachee within their professional environment as part of an interconnected whole. We explore dynamics between the leader and their new environment to understand the strategic challenges of their new role. In support of the recruitment team, we collaborate to identify post-hiring needs.

10 to 12 hours of integration coaching during the first 3 months for the new manager:

  • Fit meeting with the coachee
  • Tripartite meeting between the coachee and their immediate superior to identify strategic priorities for the new manager

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30-minute exploratory meeting