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Heidi Gaudet, coach et fondatrice de 5e Élément Conseil
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Heidi Gaudet

With over 25 years of experience in the consulting industry, serving as a manager, recruiter, entrepreneur, and co-founder of four companies, Heidi's expertise is grounded in a deep understanding of corporate cultures, business environments, talent acquisition strategies, and organizational contexts.

She has been at the forefront of her clients' business challenges, guiding and advising numerous executives on strategic talent-related matters. Throughout her career, the candidates she has assisted have primarily been managers, executives, and leaders from diverse backgrounds spanning both SMEs and large corporations. As a team manager and member of executive committees, Heidi has led multiple recruitment teams and actively contributed to the integration of four major acquisitions in the information technology sector.

Holding a combined bachelor's degree in psychology and psychoeducation, along with university education in management (Advanced Diploma in Management Studies) and professional coaching certification (ICF), her coaching approach draws from a comprehensive understanding of these disciplines.

Heidi Gaudet,

Coach and Founder of 5e Element Conseil

After spending over 25 years in professional services, recruitment, management, headhunting, and entrepreneurship, I have developed extensive experience and a sharp understanding of organizational structures, careers, and their development. I have also noticed that most people I’ve encountered over the years question their career paths at some point. Everyone, with their career journey, becomes the unique professional they are, with all the doubts and contradictions that come with it.

I have often been told that I was courageous when I made significant career decisions, took risks, or changed directions. This did not necessarily come from courage but from a desire to explore, find better opportunities, and seize them at the right time. Today, I recognize that these moves stemmed from a desire to succeed, a strong desire for independence that was sometimes lacking in clarity. To be ready to leap when opportunity arises, one must be prepared, thoughtful, and often strategic. This clarity is what enables one to have the courage to embark on a new challenge.

For organizations, prioritizing the career paths and development of their leaders demonstrates kindness, recognition, and commitment to the talented individuals within the company. It also involves recognizing that a leader who invests in their professional journey and strives to be in harmony with their role and values is an inspiring leader capable of guiding with confidence.

These realizations inspired me to establish my firm, 5e Element Conseil, and offer strategic support and guidance for the career paths of the leaders around us who impact organizations and our society.